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A New RPG - looking for a good Harry



Voldemort is dead – has been for six years – the war should have been over that night long ago when Harry Potter did what no one dared believe he would do. The war, however, didn't end, but went on. Regrouping under Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, the Death Eaters kept fighting and with the Ministry gone and the Minister for Magic killed, the wizarding world was thrown into chaos.

From this chaos, two new factions were born. One group (under the leadership of Minerva McGonagall) wanted to open wizarding society to a decidedly uspcious Muggle world, whilst the others wanted to close off the wizarding world completely from Muggle influence and seek strength in isolation. With a brutal attack destroying Diagon Alley that left a part of London burning, the two factions of light realise they must start working together to defeat the Death Eaters.

The game begins at this turning point of the war - the point where the side of light finally has a chance to win. But there is still a long way to go. Can these two factions put aside their differences to finally win this war, or will they dissolve into their own fighting, giving the Death Eaters a chance to overcome?

Join us as the Wizarding World flocks to the relative safety of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts in this time where things are not so black or white. Beyond the Darkness...

Looking for a game where player influence on the main plot is high? Do you think your characters can fit into this far from perfect world?

We are looking for all types of character but especially for a strong Bellatrix and Rodoplhus Lestrange (who will both have a lot of influence on Death Eater activities), along with a strong Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Lucius assorted Weasleys and other characters. A lot of major characters are still available.  Death Eaters will be a large part of the game, so there is a need for sufficiently evil and competent characters. We already have a great, strong Ginny and she is more than willing to play with the Harry who is cast.

Contact with any questions, or to e-mail the application form. This promises to be an interesting and active game, and opens in Feb. 2007!

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